Maddy Kent

Our Methods

Maddy Kent of Kent Dressage is a Grand Prix dressage trainer with her USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold medals, based out of Fairwind Farm in Fairfield, CA.  Her degree in Exercise Biology with an emphasis in bio-mechanics from UC Davis and minor in Nutrition allows her to bring the art of true classic dressage to any horse through proper muscle conditioning and balance.  With proper training, it is her goal for a horse to progress at their own pace without trauma or injuries.

Through Maddy’s wide experience training young and FEI horses,  successfully showing to the Grand Prix Freestyle level, and rehabilitation, she can adapt her teaching & training methods to the various individual needs of her clients.  This includes creating nutritional & body work programs to keep horses happy and healthy. 

 Our History

Growing up in Oregon, Maddy earned her USDF Silver & Gold medals on her Hanoverian mare, Donna Carina, after earning the Bronze on her first horse, Durrel.   In 2015, Maddy and Donna were the CDS Reserve Champion in the Grand Prix Freestyle. (View on our video gallery page.)  Maddy has won numerous state, regional & national awards at multiple levels on multiple horses. 

Maddy Madeline McKallip Kent dressage horse lesson training rehab rehabilitation
Reserve Champion CDS & 3rd place USDF Region 7 Grand Prix Freestyle

As Maddy explains, it has been a bumpy ride.  “I was ecstatic to find Donna, although she was ‘not easy to ride’ and ‘didn’t show well’.  My princess wasn’t about to do anything unless she was asked properly.  Her determination forced me to ride correctly or we would not be moving to the next level. It wasn’t the fast road, or the easiest road, but it taught me to think about dressage, giving me the ability to verbally express the discipline in a training session.  It triggered my interest in muscle movement, enabling my approach to training as the development of proper conditioning to perform each level of dressage.”  Maddy forever continues her education by regularly working with a diverse group of clinicians such as Nick Wagman, Jeremy Steinberg, Brian Hafner & Jan Ebeling, among others.

Maddy Madeline McKallip Kent dressage horse lesson training rehab rehabilitation
Muztagh goes back in the show ring at 3rd level after ringbone surgery

Over the years, Maddy has experienced many aspects of dressage. Her knowledge of kinesiology enables her to work with rehabilitating horses.   Maddy has also worked with a wide variety of different breeds, including Arabians, & Iberian breeds as well as mares, geldings & stallions.  Each requiring their own specific approach.